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Your Questions

You can ask ContainerKing anything and we'll guarantee you an honest answer. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you can't find the answer your looking for, just give us a call.

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General Enquiries

How do I get storage with ContainerKing Limited?
First of all, call Joanne or Lisa on 01724 870000, or pop into our Head Office on Rowland Road for a chat and a look around. Once you know what you need there is a small amount of paperwork to open your account with us. We require 2 forms of ID, one including a photograph (e.g. Passport or Driving Licence), both must have your current home address, so a utility bill is perfect, or a bank statement. You will pay your first month rent the day you sign up, you need a padlock, we have some in stock or you can bring your own, grab a gate key for a refundable deposit if need be, then you can move in straight away!!! Easy.
Are there any hidden extras?
Absolutely not!! There are no hidden surprises. You will pay your first month’s rent when you move in, and then same date, same amount each month for as long as you want to stay!
What happens when I want to vacate my unit?
Please give two weeks notice, in writing. This can be by post, or email. You may well be entitled to a refund if you have any unused, full weeks pre paid after vacating after the first month rental. However, we will deduct two weeks rent from you if you forget!! Don’t worry, we always remind people if we get the chance. Once you have emptied all the contents of your unit, removed the padlock, and shut the doors, contact the Rowland Road office and let us know, you will need to return your Gate Key and update your records with your new address too if you are a home mover so we can send you any refund!
Can I store long term, for example if I want to emigrate for some time?
Absolutely fine, all we would ask is for a UK representative in case of emergencies and also that you pay on standing order.
Where are your sites?
Our Premier Depot is on Rowland Road in the centre of Scunthorpe. This is where you would come to sign up and where the Self Storage Team are based, there are currently four other sites in Scunthorpe, and subject to availability you can choose which is the best location for you.
How do I get my things into Storage?
This is Self Storage… which simply means you can do it however suits you best. You can either call our own recommended removals driver who has a Luton Tail Lift lorry and certainly knows how to pack a unit, or you can bring belongings along using your own car or hire vehicle.
Are they waterproof?
Some people believe containers “condensate” and “leak”. The good news is, all of our furniture grade containers are immaculate, dry and do not condensate! However, do be aware that you should always pack your unit on a dry day (easier said than done in the UK), as wet items may contaminate your store if locked up without drying out first!
Can I access my storage unit anytime?
All our storage depots are locked outside of office hours, and those without ContainerKing Limited office personnel on site are secured 24/7. In return for a refundable deposit you can loan a Gate Key for 24/7 access. Only one of our sites has restricted access (0800-1530 hours Monday-Friday), but we would advise this at the time of unit allocation if this applied to your storage unit. Other than that, you can go whenever you need to!
What size storage unit will I need?
Our most popular size is 20’ long x 8’ wide, most people manage with one of these to store the contents of an average 3 bedroom house. We do have smaller units if you are only storing a few boxes for example, and also larger if you want to store your speedboat (yes, it does happen!!)
Is there a minimum or maximum hire period?
One month minimum, and you can stay as long as you wish, so long as you pay rental every month on the due date All we ask is that you give two weeks notice, in writing, prior to leaving. You may be entitle to a refund so don’t forget!
What is the minimum hire period?
The minimum hire term is one calendar month.

Billing & Payment

How and when do I pay my rent?
Once a month, every month, same date, same amount. If for example you signed up on the 8th of the month, this would cover you until the 7th of the following month. Your due date would then become the 7th of every month you need to stay with us. You can pop in and pay cash, or card, or telephone a card payment through (do be aware that a small charge applies when paying by card), or if it’s suits you we can help you arrange a Standing Order to be transferred to our bank each month, this is preferable if storing for 3 months or longer.
How much is it?
There are different prices depending on the size and location of your storage unit. But as an example, the average price you would be looking at is £130.00 per calendar month including 20% VAT for one of our secure, dry 20’ furniture stores, subject to availability

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